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Our customer service is as flexible and personalised as our products. SaarGummi works closely with
architects and clients. We offer additional customer services to ensure that everything runs according to schedule such as:

  • analysis of old sealing applications
  • practice-oriented recommendations for sealing solution updates
  • text descriptions for specification of services
  • object-related lay-outs
  • consulting of construction site managements

Trainings, orientations and lectures complete our service features. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of our information offerings and to schedule a personal appointment with one of our service-team members.

SaarGummi product call for bid forms are available in all common formats at Customer support for the completion of the directory of services is offered by our colleagues from the engineering department.

In addition to the extensive consultation services for architects, constructors and construction companies SaarGummi offers customised trainings for the implementation of its products including construction site orientation. We recommend to consider the following key indicators when selecting your sealing solution:

  • exposure to wind, ozone- and UV
  • driving rain and melting waters
  • chemical compatibility with other materials
  • thermal related friction in connection points
  • shape and material of connecting structures
  • condition of neighbouring materials


We offer complete requirement assessments including:

  • as-is-state determination of old sealing applications
  • recommendations about restructuring, updating and new sealing solutions
  • construction site measurement
  • Bidding propositions
  • product selection, quantity survey and CAD lay-outs
  • calculation of wind suction and fastening plans
  • project-related consulting of construction site managements
  • installation trainings and construction site briefing
  • inspection, controlling and final examination

Our covers and prefabricated membranes are also available throughout our partnerships. They support your building project with excellent engagement and expertise. Our partners supply NovoProof® products with state-of-the-art quality and proprietary technology. We trust our sustainable partnerships that exist many years in order to ensure impeccable quality and service of all NovoProof® everywhere.
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