Our sealing systems made of EPDM rubber enable energy saving building coverings. They run clear of volatile softeners and resist roots without any herbicides or pesticides. They can be recycled and processed without any adhesion and are eco-friendly.


Our unique EPDM rubber composition guarantees elasticity and durability against mechanical and chemical impacts more than 50 years. It outperforms the life expectancy of rivalling materials with ease.


Our EPDM rubber composition performs perfect flexibility for decades, even when challenged with temperatures ranging from -40°C bis +120°C; high-grade compatibility with other building materials included.


Maintenance is reduced to zero since sealing systems made of our unique EPDM rubber composition last more than 50 years. That fact is indispensable when facing difficult access to façades, large rooftops, complex formed components and non-standard sealing systems.

EPDM Rubber

SaarGummi prepares an unique rubber compound made of EPDM (Ethylen-Propylen-Dien-Kautschuk) and other raw materials. The compound is further processed with a highly specialised vulcanisation technique into an elastic, tear-, heat-, frost-, UV- and ozon-proof material. Products made of this material are extremely long-lived and unrivalled in the market place.


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